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Smartzone Inactivity Timer

The SmartZone Inactivity Timer goes for 60-1000 seconds while, from what I'm reading, ZoneDirector's can go as high as 500 minutes.  Why the difference?  

And what's a good setting for a School District setting (lots of phones, tablets, laptops, etc.)?  I think the default is 120 seconds which seems too short to me.

New Contributor II
Hi Clayton,
It really depands on purpose and Hardware performance.
For containing station's information for a long time, it must be consume more memory and it may bring another corner case.
Well, I bet not to much long period make better such as 5min would be enough even in School environment.

1,000 sec is 16.7 min, let's think about it.
A client have gone without de-association or de-auth and the AP/Controller is waiting the station for over 16min.
When the station come back, re-auth will happen and no issue to re-connect.


Sorry, are you saying that I should set the Inactivity Timer to 5 minutes instead of 2 minutes?

And that a longer setting might have a negative impact the memory on the controller?

The reason they limited it to 1000 is due to performance related issues when the value was set higher.

Note: If I was you I would make sure your inactivity timer is configured the same on your DHCP server or you may see come connectivity issues.

Setting the value to max value of 1000 is completely fine.

Dear Chang/Sean,

I have experience ,once some devices departed network due to inactive time out exceed - "reason - 04", i had to  disable and enable client wireless adapter to re-associate to the SSID.

I have more than enough equipment capacity (Virtual Smart Zone / 5 number of R500 for 100 devices) and I will never face performance issue although my all client's are on active during 24 hrs.

May I know how I can disable the Inactive time out ?