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Remote access in ruckus r300

New Contributor II
I can't get the managment page of the AP in remote.
The address of managment page is
The address of my lan is
I changed in my PC to static address with (for example) and subnet mask, and I can't get page.
I have tried to connect to the AP in my iPhone and change to static address as listed above with extra of dns, I get a signal of the AP, but yet I can't get page.
It works only when I connect the AP directly to the PC and changed to static address as listed above.
Port 80 opens in the AP.

Where is the problem?


New Contributor
Hi Michael, 

Is it possible that your AP is getting an IP address from a DHCP source on your network?  

By default Ruckus APs will attempt to obtain a DHCP IP address from the network, and will use any DHCP-offered address rather than the static IP fallback address (  If your LAN subnet has a DHCP source, you have a couple of options to configure your AP:

1) Use the Default IP address.  Disconnect the AP from the network and connect the AP directly to your PC (PC<---network cable--->AP) and use the default IP address ( to perform your initial configuration, including setting a static IP within the subnet of your LAN, if that is your desire.
2) Use the DHCP assigned network address.  GUI or SSH configuration will work the same from a DHCP assigned IP address.  In order to find the DHCP address assigned to the AP, you can look up the DHCP lease table in your DHCP source (router or DHCP server) to match the AP MAC address (located on the back of the AP) to an IP address.  If you don't have access to the DHCP lease table, you can use the following command to show you a list of MAC address to IP address mappings available via address resolution protocol:

arp -a

This command will work from Windows or Linux command line interface. Keep in mind that your PC must be attached to the same subnet as the AP in order for arp data to be obtained.  The output of the command from Linux looks like this:

user@user-System~ $ arp -a
? ( at 12:34:56:78:0c:ba [ether] on eth0
? ( at 12:24:56:78:ec:a0 [ether] on eth0
? ( at 12:34:56:78:8e:77 [ether] on eth0
? ( at 12:34:56:78:06:ea [ether] on eth0
user@user-System ~ $

Once you have the DHCP assigned IP address which matches the MAC address of the AP, you can use that IP address to login to the Web UI, or CLI via SSH.

Also, if you are performing an initial configuration, be sure to factory reset the AP by depressing the reset button (next to the Ethernet port on the AP) in order to insure that no prior IP address configuration exists on the AP.

Please also see page 82 of the Indoor Access Point User Guide for more information: