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Radius server unreachable events

Contributor II
vSZ version with 411 R710s APs on campus. Every few days we are getting a bunch of radius server unreachable events. What is odd is the details of the event do not even point to our radius server. All events are reported like this

AP [Int301@F8:E7:1E:2A:A4:40] is unable to reach radius server [].

Of course is not our radius server. We are using Cloudpath as our radius server. Our wifi is rock solid so there are no other symptoms other than a rash of these events every few days.

Any ideas what causes this?

New Contributor III

I am seeing the same Radius server unreachable in my environment - I opened a case with support yesterday and sent in the SupportInfo from one of the APs. The reply i got back does not instill confidence in the product.

"After checking the support log we collected from 1 of the APs looks like the device was having issues matching the accept received from the Radius with the client that was requesting access to the network."

SO i interpret that to mean "Ohh you want access, let me go ask for you...Who was it that wanted to get in the club again?

The AP reports reconnecting about 30 seconds later.

I have two RADIUS servers in the environment and the AP can not communicate with either in the same time frame.

I am having issues with users connecting to a 1x WLAN and i believe this is a good indication why. I sent in a second AP log this morning  to review.

Since i am in a non-proxy setup, am i bogging down the AP?

I'm planning to go to 5.2.2 once school lets out in a couple weeks. I need to do the upgrade anyway to add support for the new APs we're getting.

we has same problem.

we already upgrade from 5.2.1 to 5.2.2 but still radius unreachable event occur.


Valued Contributor II

You probably need to install AP patch on top of 5.2.2 (I think firmware version or something similar.). Same for 5.2.1 (patch with firmware 1038).

RUCKUS Team Member

Known issue on 5.2.0 where event 2102 is produced even in proxy wlan. 

This was resolved in 5.2.2 and 6.0. Also KSP was provided for 5.2.1 version.  For proxy wlan, event 2102 is not raised anymore whereas it is raised for non-proxy wlan.


LLoyd Chua