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Radius server unreachable events

Contributor II
vSZ version with 411 R710s APs on campus. Every few days we are getting a bunch of radius server unreachable events. What is odd is the details of the event do not even point to our radius server. All events are reported like this

AP [Int301@F8:E7:1E:2A:A4:40] is unable to reach radius server [].

Of course is not our radius server. We are using Cloudpath as our radius server. Our wifi is rock solid so there are no other symptoms other than a rash of these events every few days.

Any ideas what causes this?

New Contributor II


could somebody update their latest news regarding this issue? Have you been able to find the root cause and is there fix available? I have two customers suffering  RADIUS issues, there are many similarities (such as those "unable to reach" error messages) on both of these cases but also some differences (for example whether or not vSZ reboot fixes the problem). Both were 5.2.0, one was upgraded to 5.2.1, still seeing "" error messages.

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Hello all, 

According to Ruckus support, there is an ER that was raised for the Radius server not reachable on this firmware. An AP patch is available.


@enver_hassim We updated the AP firmware which has largely resolved the issue. NB. I say, "largely", because I came across 1 error today and still investigating it.

What version of firmware did you apply to your APs?

Was it easy to apply via the GUI?

The AP firmware I applied is It's simple to install via the GUI.