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Radius server unreachable events

Contributor II
vSZ version with 411 R710s APs on campus. Every few days we are getting a bunch of radius server unreachable events. What is odd is the details of the event do not even point to our radius server. All events are reported like this

AP [Int301@F8:E7:1E:2A:A4:40] is unable to reach radius server [].

Of course is not our radius server. We are using Cloudpath as our radius server. Our wifi is rock solid so there are no other symptoms other than a rash of these events every few days.

Any ideas what causes this?

New Contributor
I'm seeing the exact same problem with our vSZ with version 
Unable to reach radius server (

After vSZ-reboot it will work again but after a while it will be the same again.
This really need to be solved asap!

Contributor II
I have had a case open for weeks about this. Ruckus support told me two things just a few days ago
1. This is a bug in vSZ firmware which is listed as GA (General Available). This bug manifests itself in the AP trying to reach our radius server which happens to be Cloudpath. The AP should only be trying to reach our vSZ and not directly trying to reach Cloudpath
2. I should be using an MR (Maintenance release) of vSZ which as the name implies a release that has had more bug worked out

On our call a few days ago the engineer disable the emailing of radius unreachable events. I have since reached back out to them (should have asked on the call but did not) if I should back rev our controllers to an MR release. I should hear an answer this week

Yeah I know about the GA and MR releases but Radius server support is pretty essential and "should" work correctly even in a GA release in my oppinion.

Anyway - if you get some more info in this case about solutions or updates/patches coming soon, please put it up here

I find is somewhat surprising you've been directed to use an MR release. How exactly are you supposed to use new AP's on an MR? As far as I'm aware the R650 is only supported on 5.2.

Also, GA is GA, it's released to the public. Sure, an MR is going to have issues fixed, but any GA release shoudl have been based off the previous MR. It's like they are building each GA from the fround up with new code.

Just disappointing really. I keep upgrading as I keep hoping more bugs are fixed than are introduced. So far, not a lot of luck in that regard

Contributor III
On my side, APs not using proxy are also showing the alarm (radius server unreachable - with the radius IP). From a user experience, it _seems_ to be ok but the alarms are quite annoying to say the least.

It _seems_ as the newer code is very agressive with the response latency for radius.  Also, they don't perform any liveliness checks (at least not in non-proxy mode) which other devices usually do.

Plus, in direct mode at least, the timeouts / retries are not configurable at all.