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R730 channel utilization?

New Contributor III
I recently purchased a R730 to integrate into my SOHO setting, replacing one of my three existing R720s which have performed flawlessly. 
I've been seeing really high channel utilization figures so am trying to understand root cause. Ive disconnected all wifi devices other than my MacBook to run some diagnostics software and Ruckus vSZ-E and still see 20% utilization (sometimes peaking at closer to 50%). 
I have 3 SSIDs on 5Ghz and 4 on 2.4Ghz (IoT subnet)
Im curious if this is expected behavior with the AX chipset or a config error by a somewhat new to Ruckus user. 
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f7135b77e2478ff270_206a54a3e49dd5a8a8aa2d5ab54bbd6d_RackMultipart201906041035671cw-828b0085-cea2-4ced-baa8-40bf06ef3ebe-332515013.jpg1559692781Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f7135b77e2478ff270_14fc667c1c463db355a0bef3275d169e_RackMultipart20190605714871owd-d2f0d17e-b533-4d47-bc83-782c90d4ce57-1915301621.jpg1559692871

Control plane:
AP firmware:

thanks in advance

Valued Contributor II
Sorry I don’t have an answer here but I am curious about your home setup — I use Ruckus APs for my home office setup too and have thought about moving over to vSZ as well. The last time I looked into it, the requirements were kind of steep, something like 12GB RAM not to mention licensing costs.

Are you using a vSZ instance shared with something else or a dedicated one at home?

New Contributor III
Thanks John. I have another R730 due to arrive today so I'll verify with that one too.
I run a vSZ virtual machine runs under VMware with minimum requirements (4 cores, 13GB RAM, 100GB 'thin' provisioned disk etc) at home. It's been largely trouble free since installation other than one user invoked error which Ruckus support untangled for me. Ruckus provide a VMware image which makes experimentation trivial. The licensing costs associated with the Ruckus platform were acceptable to when purchasing a 5yr license and in respect to the value offered due to increased performance, reliability and functioning guest portal, fast roaming and other bits and pieces compared to my previous setup. 

Valued Contributor II
Thank you for the info!

I know what I’m gonna do when I go home tonight 😄

New Contributor III
Update. I went back to the three r720s which I knew worked and started debugging. I found the source of noise using my WiSpy hardware! I discovered the wife had recently plugged in some wireless mosquito repellers she bought of eBay which were flooding the wireless frequency range. 2.4Ghz scan looks much cleaner now. I do however still see 20% utilization on the R730 with few clients. I'm still debugging. 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c456135b77e247a300a5_c84e851c82468659841f581c8bfbb69c_RackMultipart20190605149761qeb-36c68cce-4ddd-46d5-9050-cbc5b48a9d7d-1077276868.jpg1559769802
Image_ images_messages_5f91c456135b77e247a300a5_e91a08b049a4f159dd5f0377d948487f_RackMultipart20190605996761bku-47b33548-f011-4a9c-b864-b3fa5d01bbe5-251391758.jpg1559770010
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Image_ images_messages_5f91c456135b77e247a300a5_b8a0743fa3663605e23971b96b15b740_RackMultipart20190605109170f64-3c06dc95-e75c-4e3b-86c9-0bbba14c89a0-239899423.jpg1559769841