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R710 Stand-alone not passing secondary SSIDs VLAN info?

New Contributor II
I have a R710 connected to a Meraki switch & MX. Base SSID is on VLAN1, secondary SSID are on VLAN 2 & 10. Switch port is set to Trunk, native 1. I can connect to the primary SSID and get DHCP, but not either of the secondary SSID. Packet capture on the switch port doesn't show any traffic at all for my MAC address of my phone, which is why I think that the R710 isn't passing traffic correctly. I've reviewed everything in the R710 I can think of and don't see anything obvious.


Contributor III
Maybe Try turn off Directed multicast, and IGMP Snooping? When you're grabbing packets from the Ruckus AP, can you see the CDP or LLDP advertisements from your switch on those VLANs?

New Contributor II
Apparently I'm blind and completely overlooked the Ethernet Ports in the list...Port 1 was set to Access, switched to Trunk, problem solved.