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New Construction - Need Wifi Enabled

New Contributor II
We are buying a new construction house.  It will be 2 floors with a basement.  We'll likely only have a cable modem supplying the data.  The modem will likely be on the made or 2nd floor.  What would be the preferred setup to ensure all floors have full connectivity?   

Also I'd like to enable rogue device detection as I want to ensure only devices I know about connnect to our Wifi.  Though this is less of a priority.

 Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Question for anyone who might know.  Each floor is about 2000 sq feet. The AP is located dead in the middle of the whole floor. will the R310 have any issues reaching every corner?

New Contributor
I would suggest that  there must be the other wifi setting should be helpful for more details visit Asus Router Customer Service

New Contributor II
Ok so I'm having low voltage cable run to both the center landing of my 1st and 2nd floor, this is central to all the living spaces.  (I will have to run to the basement later when I finish it).   My end goal is high performing wi-fi so that anywhere in the house connection is good and bandwidth does not degrade. 

We will not have more than 10 or so devices connected at any one time so it's not a high noise environment but there will be some noise.   

Cable with be either CAT5e or CAT6, not sure yet what this vendor uses.  

What would be the preferred device? Ruckus r500, r510, r600, r610?  I'm still trying to understand the differences between the base and the 10 models.    The cost isn't a major factor, I'm prepared to spend around 500 for each AP.   Cabling will all be terminated at a panel in the basement where I will be bringing in our cable modem.    

Wifi isn't my best area, I am a novice, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

R720 would be my choice. It's a 4x4 802.11ac Wave2 AP designed for high capacity/throughput.
Worth the price.

If the cables go from basement to center landing, that's the place to put the AP.

Maybe get two R510s (less expensive), in Unleashed firmware flavor, and you can Mesh one from 
a distant part of the house, if you can't get wire there.

New Contributor II
I have run cat6 to the center landing of both the first floor and the 2nd floor.  Network cabinet is in the basement where I will have my poe switch and cable modem.     

I have a line on an R610 at a decent price, but it looks like it was manufactured for sale in Mexico or something, as the label on the back is in spanish.  Anyone know anything about that?  Looks really odd seeing a label in spanish with the words "Made in Taiwan" on it.  

Would it still function the same?