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Looking for a WiFi to Ethernet bridge.

New Contributor II
I have a device far from an IDF that needs an IP. Looking for a WiFi to Ethernet bridge. Can I connect a 7372 AP to a wired 7762 via mesh and then use the 7372 to give out an IP?  Using a ZD1200 controller.

Valued Contributor II
Yeah, that would work. All Ruckus AP's by default (mesh and non-mesh) will bridge their ethernet ports to the access VLAN. You can indeed use a ruckus mesh AP as a wifi to ethernet bridge.

New Contributor II
I experimented by meshing the 7372 with an R500 and plugged my laptop into the 10/100 port on the 7372 but got no IP from DHCP.  Did not think to try a static IP on the laptop and checking for internet connectivity.  Should DHCP work on the laptop?


you are potentially running into an issue which has been addressed in below post --

Not specifc to laptop but relevant to your issue... give it a shot.

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