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How to reproduce issues described in the release notes

New Contributor III
I'm sorry for asking you so many times.
Could you teach me how to reproduce the following issue's ?

5.1.5. An issue with APs being unable to join ZoneDirector due to the
default MTU size set on ZoneDirector running on version 9.6. (ID ER-929)
I've used a version on ZoneDirector.

5.1.18 An issue with Dynamic VLAN assignment failing due to changes in
the format of the called-station-id value between versions 9.6 and 9.7. (ID ER-1243)
I've used a version and on ZoneDirector.

5.1.21. An issue with Guest Access that could cause clients to get stuck in
a redirect loop when the management IP address is used for redirection. (ID
I've used a version on ZoneDirector.

5.2.2. An issue with Hotspot service on standalone APs that could allow
clients to remain connected after the configured session expiration time. (ID
I've used a version on ZoneDirector.

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the ZoneFlex Release (9.7MR1) now available! topic.

Valued Contributor II
Please open a support case to get these details. It won't be practical to do that here.


New Contributor III
I understand and I create a support case.
Thank you for the response.