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Enabling Rogue AP detection?

Contributor II
We are running vSZ version 3.6. Under Wireless LANS...Default Zone...Advanced Options we have have "Report Rogue Access Points" checked. Below that we have "Enable events and alarms for all rogue devices" checked.

When I go to Reports...Rogue Access Points I see nothing listed. We are a K-12 school district with a single campus. Lots of houses surround the campus. Under previous versions of firmware we were typically seeing 10-12 rogue APs listed.

Why am I not seeing any now?

Contributor II
I think I might have the culprit, snow. I just looked and now I am seeing just one rogue access point instead of the 10-12 I was use to seeing several months back. It is snowing hard outside right now and I am guessing that the signals coming from APs in houses surrounding campus are just not traveling as far. I will know tomorrow when the weather is expected to be clear.