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E-Mailed Alarm Notifications are too slow

New Contributor III
We have a ZD 1100 with 24 AP's. I have configured alarms to send an e-mail to me when triggered. In KB 3407, it says the timeout is 30 minutes. That's way too long if I have an AP down. What is the best way to change this setting?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Sheldon,
    By our ZD/AP timer definition, the ZD will determine an AP is officially lost contact, after 20 minutes.
You should get email alerts for lost AP heartbeat after 20 minutes.  We cannot adjust this any lower.

Heartbeat Lost Timers
  • ZD and AP expect hearbeat (echo) requests or responses in 40 and 30 seconds respectively. If no ZD and AP would consider the heartbeat is lost. 
  • ZD side
    •  After 2 consecutive (80 seconds) heartbeat losses, ZD raises an "heartbeats lost" alert and delete the AP.
    •  After another 20 minutes, if AP does not discover and join ZD, ZD raises "Lost contact to AP" alert.
  • AP side
    • After a heartbeat lost (30 seconds),  AP sends 12 consecutive heartbeat requests every 5 seconds (total 60 seconds).  If still does not hear response from ZD, AP enters Sole Run state and starts to send discovery request.
    • In Sole Run state, AP sends out discovery request every 5 seconds for 15 minutes.  After receiving no responses, AP will reboot and leave a reboot reason viewable in support text stating "can not discover ZD in 180 attempts".

New Contributor III

I run a high school campus network with 1400 students. When an AP goes offline, it potentially affects multiple classrooms. So quick notification of that event is paramount to our MIS Dept providing outstanding service; we are on this before they even know!

My Xirrus array central management console sends me alerts within seconds of an outage. My intention is to replace over twenty Xirrus AP's with Ruckus devices however this glaring weakness in the reporting function is making me re-think this decision. I urge you to consider this a feature request. This is pretty important to us.



Hi Sheldon, I know some SNMP software can provide alerts sooner.  To request a change to Ruckus behavior, please ask your local SE or Account team representative to submit a Field Request on your behalf, to our Product Marketing managers for consideration.  Tech support cannot file FRs.

New Contributor III
Maybe you could you have a "ping" monitor on each of the APs (assuming fixed IP) - that way not relying on Ruckus alert after 20mins.