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Best possible way to set up my property?

New Contributor
Recently the owner of my hotel started looking into upgrading our wireless equipment. What is currently here is outdated and does not get the job done. He has looked into Ubiquiti equipment as well as Rukus. The construction of the property is like an apartment complex and is a concrete frame. What we currently have is shooting through many concrete walls and i believe that is diminishing the signal. There are 6 total buildings over 9 acres. So I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on the best possible way to set up my network here?

Esteemed Contributor II
A proper site survey is the only way to determine your actual requirements.

Hi Chris ,

As Michael said , you definitely need a site survey to setup/upgrading your. the wireless network .
wireless  is impacted  by the surroundings and the environment conditions. Coverage of a AP depends on its placement  in the building, building materials, and many other things and  objects that absorb EM waves/energy . We can add passive gain to whatever signal transmitted by an access point, using antennas . we  will also need to consider user capacity : how many guests do you want to support concurrently, and how much bandwidth will each require on average?

we recommend using a wireless site survey to assess the physical characteristics of the hotel you want to cover and start from there. 


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It's a sensible idea to check who owns a property before making an offer to buy. The deed or the title report will tell you 'who owns the property' in general terms, but there may be details that are not spelled out and that are essential to your decision on whether to buy the property. Just look for as these are the ones that many can see and like as well. A title search may also unearth certain facts about past uses of the land and easements granted in connection with it that otherwise would have remained unknown.