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Admin Log on R600

Contributor II
Hi all,

Just browsing through the settings and in the Administrator section under logs, i have a lot of these entries... is this something to be concerned about?


Oct  7 09:41:44 RuckusAP local2.err syslog: Cannot notify kernel for Delete AP (65535) event, -- Address family not supported by protocol(124)


Contributor II

I am seeing an awful lot of these and currently one of my AP's keeps dropping out where it seems to be Channel flying trying to find a clearer 5G channel, even though there are virtually no others being used in my location.

Also, i have just noticed that it must have rebooted itself an hour or so ago as its uptime is showing 1hr7mins, although the other AP's are showing up times of over 7 days which is about right.

Is there any reason why it would have rebooted itself?

I have looked in the logs and i cant see any record in there of it doing it.

I would really appreciate any help

Many thanks.

Valued Contributor
Hi Jason.

I would suggest you do in the cli the command support and then support show, it will give you the access point support log. then search on reboot reason. And you will see the last reboot and the last 5 reboots with their reason.

Let us know also which version of software you are running, and in standalone or which controller.


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Hi Martin, and thanks for the reply..

Excuse my ignorance but i cannot find the CLI?

I am currently running in standalone, with version

Contributor II
Ok scrap the above as ive got access.

This is what i have found...

### Reboot Reason In Detail Recently ###

              Reboot Time            UP Time Total Boot Reason

 Fri Jul 18 08:39:42 2014     0 day 00:02:51          2 CLI, user requests reboot via CLI command

 Fri Jul 18 08:38:41 2014     0 day 00:01:50          1 CLI, user requests reboot via CLI command

 Mon Nov 17 16:06:46 2014     0 day 00:01:55          5 CLI, user requests reboot via CLI command

 Wed Sep 23 14:50:49 2015     0 day 00:03:37          1 country code is changed, rebooting now

 Sat Oct  3 17:17:00 2015     4 day 03:53:37          1 WebUI, rebooting for new software image to take effect

 Sat Oct  3 17:47:39 2015     0 day 00:30:21          2 WebUI, user requests a reboot

I notice it says 'problem detected' but it has been fine for 7 days and nothing has changed as far as i am aware, unless i should be looking at other things in the log?

It also is not showing anything for the 10th which was yesterday.

The only reason i am thinking it had rebooted is that my wifi connection kept dropping. I logged in via the web ui and it showed uptime (at the time) of approx 1 hour, when the other two AP's are still going and into their 8th day.

Another thing i have noticed is that our Iphone6s will happily join an R500 set up in the garage, but will really struggle to latch back on to the R600 in the house, unless it almost looses signal completely. Strangely, this is happening with the AP that i have the issues with..

And i'm still seeing an awful lot of these, however i'm guessing its ok to ignore?...

Oct 11 12:55:27 RuckusAP local2.err syslog: Cannot notify kernel for Delete AP (65535) event, -- Address family not supported by protocol(124) 



Its now showing this and i haven't touched anything.......!!!

Image_ images_messages_5f91c427135b77e24798f67d_c12d3883700b47f762add740d585c2fc_RackMultipart201510117691p51w3-ad7edaed-4297-4ca7-80f5-e562cf190091-1777964664.png1444570147

Ive just looked in the CLI again and for the latest apparent reboot it gives...

Sun Oct 11 12:59:42 2015     0 day 17:53:19          2 CLI, user requests reboot via CLI command

The above i did not do, mainly because i would not know how to!