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AP load balancing question

Valued Contributor
I see this here in school as well.

Typical scenario 8 classrooms (4 up 4 down) with 2 APs and I'll see 40 laptops in those rooms connect to 1 AP and only a few (5 perhaps) connect to the other AP. Would have expected a little more balancing between the two.

The 7363s seem to handle the numbers fine so it's more a curiosity than problem. I've learnt to ignore it and just be pleased it all works well!

To be clear the laptops are not missing the two nearest APs and picking up a remote one, just a big imbalance in which AP serves majority of clients. So not quite the same as Marty...should have read more closely.

Will post a similar screenie if I get chance early next week.

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the clients not connecting to nearest AP topic.

I also had the same problem as you. Have you solved that problem yet?

Valued Contributor II
This all gets a lot smarter (and more configurable) in 9.8.

Valued Contributor
That would be wonderful. If just to make more sense when I look at monitoring like this.
I will repeat that my clients connect and seem "happy" but from up here in the Eagles nest I can see the odd disparity in AP loading.

Valued Contributor
Here's how I'd expect (prefer) APs to balance. Room05 and Room06 are physically close to each other.

Room05 17 clients
Room16 22 clients

Image_ images_messages_5f91c414135b77e247951437_8577c3e885b63b504a76982eb431d2b1_rm5rm16balancing_inline-033d651a-a195-45ad-abad-2a3903a3a1cf-1160553405.jpg1393848139

and the neighbours info from Room16

Image_ images_messages_5f91c414135b77e247951437_639cd44bb2c61262239babaeec8b0664_rm5neighbours20140303_inline-879de201-e1a0-4538-9f76-487e3c79fcd2-342492996.jpg1393848187

Since both APs are on channel 6 why do they report 0% for the other AP (and not 65% or more for instance)? They are circa 20m apart through a concrete floor and 1 or 2 walls depending on path. Just mildly curious.

Valued Contributor
Here's a shot of the laptops on those APs. A few less than 17/23 split as I took it later. But it does show a mix of laptops (Samsung - 2 models, Lenovo and Toshiba) spread over APs Room05 and Room16.
The Toshibas (newest) are using 5GHz and all laptops report strong signal. Looks good to me - wish all the other APs did the same.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c414135b77e24795166e_d90e9a305df91dff95bece39a454774e_laptopsrm05rm16_inline-e62b393f-264a-4214-9082-64a72904049f-2085345959.jpg1393848830