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AP bridge which model?

New Contributor
I have to put 5 AP in a build where i cannot use a cable, so i want access point that communicate in wi fi with mesh for example. Ruckus model for this purpose?

Esteemed Contributor II
You need at least one cable, with Internet connectivity.  You can purchase any model of Unleashed
product access points, and if within range, 4 Mesh APs can connect with your one cable connected
Master Root AP.  You may receive a router/DHCP server from your Internet provider, and can just
connect your 5 APs on a switch with it, so they all get provisioned with Mesh enabled, and then you
can move 4 of the APs to their desired location elsewhere in the building.  If you don't receive a
router with your ISP connection, you can choose one AP to be Master AP in router mode, to provide
DHCP and def-gw for your network, with 4 Mesh APs.

Unleashed is designed for simple SMB (up to 25 APs) useage with router/DHCP role if needed. 
I hope this is helpful.