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vSCG connection with internet down

New Contributor II
Hi Guys,

I  have a virtual SmartZone deployed on the Cloud, the APs can join it via its public IP through the internet connection.
I would like to connect my SSID to the local network and let the clients use the local network even if the internet connectivity goes down. The SSID is open, no authentication.
is it possible to have this setup, is any configuration required

Thank you

New Contributor

No special configuration needed for this setup.
Just create your WLAN and connect your AP to the SZ.

The only thing you need to change are the AP Reboot Timeout settings.
Those settings determine when the AP needs to reboot when it loses the connection to the vSZ.

On a vSZ High Scale you can find the settings in the AP Zone -> Advanced Options.
See screenshot attachted.

I don't know in which menu you can find it on the vSZ E but I know the option is available.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c430135b77e2479ac7a6_b7ead09fcc745d151b3b911589851e39_RackMultipart201608121189361yv-2c2f99bc-24e1-4ea4-9caf-cecfd8d5ecfe-191821523.png1471014544

Good luck!