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Option 43 - VSCG 3.2.1

New Contributor
I m facing issue to get Option 43 Hex for Ruckus VSCG 3.2.1. The link suggested in doc is not working. 

please someone suggest any online convertor or tool which can do it. 

look forward for reply.

New Contributor III

Hi Sachu,

In my opinion, by far the easiest way to make AP's talk with the vSCG (or any of the controllers) is to use a DNS entry. Give a domain through DHCP (like ruckus.local) and make sure your DNS server/proxy has records for zonedirector.ruckus.local and ruckuscontroller.ruckus.local.

This way any of the firmware types will automagically connect to your ZD/vSZ/SCG (when factory default of course)

We have stopped putting effort in using option 43 to configure AP's of any brand unless necessary as it is more complex and needs a DHCP server that supports these options.

Hope it helps!

Best regards,

Bas Sanders