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Migrate SZ-124 IP to new subnet (with some APs offline)

Contributor II
We have a production SZ-124 we need to move from an old network to a new segment.  From other posts I've read the best way to do this is to run an AP CLI script to "set scg ip " on all the APs before you change the controller's management IP.

We also plan on updating the DNS entry used for discovery.

One challenge we have is that a lot of our APs are in customer spaces and aren't always online.  After we move IPs, if a previously offline AP comes back online after the change - will it go through the discovery process again?

I just realized that this isn't such a big deal because any offline APs could be migrated manually with a direct SSH session whenever they come back online.  I should be able to just follow the other IP migration advises seen in other threads.