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Batch Provisioning for APs with Virtual SmartZone

New Contributor III
Is there any more detailed documentation available for batch provisioning of AP's with the Virtual SmartZone?   The (very brief) mention of the feature in the administration manual mentions that you can export a blank file with headers (so far so good) but doesn't describe any of the columns and doesn't give any guidance for formatting of the columns, or even mention which ones are required.    The KB article ( is also pretty disappointing - it tells you if you want to batch provision AP's, just go ahead and click the batch provision ap's button, and that errors will be reported.

So I took a stab at it anyway.   I filled in the columns with AP Name and MAC address, and after the second try of formatting the Mac Address I got to this error message: "AP provision failed, Incorrect Administrative State".   So I searched  the manuals, the KB's and couldn't find ANY reference to what the administrative state is... or what it's values could be.  So I'm stuck.  Just for fun I tried "Up", 0, 1, but no luck.

So does anyone have any documentation on how to perform this procedure or what the magic password is for the Administrative State field?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Jeff,

    If you can please open a case with us, tell them you'd like help following that KBA-4657
and your results.  Say the forums admin wants them to update the article with what they
find after helping you!  (and you can give them my name)

   Our products are supporting greater numbers of devices and need to make things easy
for customers/providers.  We might also have an AP Registrar process if you are an MSO
who needs to provision a lot of APs each month.

New Contributor
how to get the AP registrar process?

Esteemed Contributor II
Contact your local Ruckus Systems Engineer.

Customers must register GPG keys/certificates for exchange between APIs and Ruckus.

Contributor III
Dear Jeff,

A bit late but I just run into the same issue on my side and it was indeed quite frustrating but managed to figure it out. The missing mandatory is indeed administrative state and the value you want is "Unlocked" (no quotes of course).

I found it by exporting the list of already-connected APs and looking at that field.

Its a pity an Ap group can't be added in the provisioning though. 

It would be good for the docs to be updated with the minimum fields, default values, etc.