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What mean by the decimal point of SCI's "unique_users"?

New Contributor


Happy new year!

Our customer company is using SCI.

In the last month, I wanted to know the number of users, so I exported the data from Client -> Unique Clients Trend Over Time in the SCI menu as a CSV file.

The problem is that the unit of "unique_users" comes in decimal places.

As far as I know, it is the number of users.

So I understand that decimal places shouldn't come out.

Is it not the number of users?

May I know what it means to have a decimal point?

Thank you.



Hi there,

Happy New Year!

As SCI is a big data system, it uses the hyperloglog algorithm to estimate the number of unique clients (with a typical error of 1% - 2%) as a tradeoff for query speed. As such, the raw output in the CSV file will have decimal places (in the SCI UI, we round it up to the nearest integer).

Hope this helps.