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SCI graphs as Network Monitor

New Contributor II
We Have SCI 3.1.0 running now. We have a tv large monitor in our department and want to put the stats from SCI up to the monitor to act as a network information display. I can open up the page and mirror my display up to the monitor. but it doesn't look the best with the console menu on the left of the screen, Is there a way to put the data explorer or any other screen as a full screen graph that auto refreshes every few minutes.

We also have PRTG running, not sure if it may be easier to export info to PRTG as sensors and display them that way. I love the graphical displays of SCI, but would love to be able to run the graphs without the menus. 

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, unfortunately the menu of the left cannot be hidden right now. But, let us take this back and see if we could squeeze in an improvement to hide/unhide the menu.

See Ho