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Wireless Access Points are randomly rebooting overnight multiple times

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Description: As of about 1 week now, our Access Points for our Ruckus Unleashed environment will power off randomly, all at the same time, overnight. They will come back up after about 5 minutes, will be up for maybe 10-20 minutes and then reboot again. The switch they connect into is up the entire time and there are no power issues there. I have went through and updated the system to the latest firmware (on 7/19/2023)  and rebooted everything and it still occurred. The strange thing is it seems to happen between like 12 am and 5 am. This is an environment installed/configured initially by Lennar when we purchased the townhouse. I went to one of the access points, after it booted back up and downloaded the logs for it (i can attach them once i am back home).. but looking in the forums, it appears there is a common thread of people experiencing this same type of issue.


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I am having a similar issue.  rebooting (cycling off and on) multiple time per day, random time frames.  I have power cycled the modem and switch and rest the APs but still cycling.

The switch is a ICX 7150-C12P.  The lights that are on are the Port Link Status, System Status and Power.  All are green.


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same here... when the Access Points go out, the lights on the switch are on,  my Internet connection, via my ATT fiber is up and running, but the 3 access points, across 3 floors of my house all are dark and not running. I need to either wait for them to boot back up or reboot the switch and they will come up, but, especially at night, there is a change they will black out again.