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Ruckus ICX7150-C12 Switch is frequently dropping internet connection

New Contributor

I own a Lennar home that comes with a pre-installed Ruckus ICX7150-C12. I never had issues with the internet connection from the switch until a Spectrum agent came over to my house to replace their modem with another one. Since then, any connection via the ruckus switch, either through ethernet or the unleash wireless access points, has been unstable. Unstable, meaning my browser failing to find the DNS server, videos not loading, etc. My router, a TP-link AC1750, is connected in between the ruckus switch and modem and has no problems connecting to the internet. I've tried resetting the Ruckus Switch via powercycling and factory resetting the TP-link router, but the issues still persist.

I also noticed that the Spectrum representative rearranged my cat6 cables that are connected from the router to the switch. I don't know why he did this, or what else he changed. Currently, the configurations are this: The modem's ethernet cable is connected to the router, and the router's ethernet cable is connected to one of the 10 numbers ethernet ports.

In short, the ruckus switch's connection to my internet has been poor ever since my modem was swapped out for another one. Resetting all three devices (switch, router, modem) doesn't seem to have helped.


Juan, I do not work or represent Ruckus. All I can tell you that it is solid hardware and is "enterprise-class" (used in large campus like organizations). My opinion is that Lennar sub-contractors do not do a good job in the cabling installation, hence the issues.

My suggestion is for you to wait for the engineer to respond, allow them to fix it and if it does not, then it is decision time.

New Contributor II

I know this thread is a bit old but I just came across this problem and am having trouble getting connected to a telnet or ssh connected to the switch.  It all makes sense on the page, I just cant get into the client at all.  Any tips?  My setup is ISP Modem - > ISP Router - > Ruckus Switch.

We recently had a large power outage and had been getting massive DNS issues and had the ISP come out and replace our router but then it started having issues again with the wireless.

New Contributor

@jared_hughes What Telnet software are you using? I use PuTTY and it is very effective. I am assuming you know the IP address of the ICX switch that you are connecting to? See screen-shot. If you do not know the IP address, then login to the Admin panel of your ISP Router and look for Device List and scroll down till you find the switch. Match the name to MAC address so it is the same and then write down the IP address.

Image_ images_messages_6120f91f8aa86038a245a246_3fb4cf925580dd35b48bc6815ae6fe75_putty_ICX7150-e9165028-ee98-4d17-b9d1-70468edcb2f9-861171646.GIF

@ravi_ramakrishnan I am able to get into the switch, enter exec mode, view current images, and I rebooted from primary image that had SPS in the name.

When the ruckus came back up it was still visible on my gateway as ruckus-router and I got back in with putty using ssh and it's still has the name of -router.  I still get the random DNS drops as I did before.

@jared_hughes My recommendation is to open a support ticket with Ruckus on their portal. Very easy to do and they are responsive. They may take a week or so to respond (since home cases are P3 priority) but when they do, they are awesome and efficient. 

My guess is that after the last power outage, your switch is not rebooting from the PRI config instead it using the SEC config. In my case, the support engineer copied the PRI config into the SEC and now they are both the same. There is no -R config anymore. It will never revert to -R mode.

I cannot recommend any steps for you bcos I do not know how to verify if your PRI config is actually good. So, please login (or create a login) to their portal and open a case. You can also CHAT with them and open a ticket. You will need serial numbers, MAC add and other info for your ICX switch.