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Ruckus ICX7150-C12 Switch is frequently dropping internet connection

New Contributor

I own a Lennar home that comes with a pre-installed Ruckus ICX7150-C12. I never had issues with the internet connection from the switch until a Spectrum agent came over to my house to replace their modem with another one. Since then, any connection via the ruckus switch, either through ethernet or the unleash wireless access points, has been unstable. Unstable, meaning my browser failing to find the DNS server, videos not loading, etc. My router, a TP-link AC1750, is connected in between the ruckus switch and modem and has no problems connecting to the internet. I've tried resetting the Ruckus Switch via powercycling and factory resetting the TP-link router, but the issues still persist.

I also noticed that the Spectrum representative rearranged my cat6 cables that are connected from the router to the switch. I don't know why he did this, or what else he changed. Currently, the configurations are this: The modem's ethernet cable is connected to the router, and the router's ethernet cable is connected to one of the 10 numbers ethernet ports.

In short, the ruckus switch's connection to my internet has been poor ever since my modem was swapped out for another one. Resetting all three devices (switch, router, modem) doesn't seem to have helped.


New Contributor II

I have the same issue how do I fix it?

Juan, you have not provide enough information on what the issue is and what steps you have taken to determine it that so far. I am going to assume that you are very familiar and comfortable with network troubleshooting..

Dylan provides very detailed steps on how to reset your ICX7150 from router mode back to switch mode. Are you familiar on how to use Telnet or similar software to log into the switch? If not, you should open a Support case with Ruckus. Or better still, call your Lennar Home warranty department and work through them.

Hi - I am some what technical but don't know how to use TELNET - this has been frustrated as Lennar's reply is they are not a technology company and can not support anything from their SMART HOME SELLING IDEAS

my current situation is the following - if I connect to the ATT router via cat5/6 cable or wifi I have no issues

if I connect via the Rockus devices - can stream, cant use VOIP, and internet pages timeout - via wifi or via hardwire

on my amazon firestick if I use VPN then I can get a slow stream - if VPN is not active Netflix, Disney plus or any other streaming service is useless (via WIFI on rockus)

Your best bet would be to open a case with Ruckus. They are very helpful. They will take control of your laptop and then troubleshoot the ICX switch.

This will also help.

Find great information, steps and details for your Ruckus at home:

I did open the ticket - i hope it helps - I can see many posts regarding issues with Rockus systems from purchasing for new hardware from other brands