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Ruckus AP R510 not broadcasting WIFI since change of router

New Contributor
I have a Lennar home with a Ruckus switch icx 7150-c12p, which is then hardwired to 2 different R510 APs. When I moved to this house, AT&T had installed the internet, they had installed their modem router combo, which was hard-wired to the Ruckus 7150. Yesterday I switched service to Spectrum and got their modem installed. I added my Netgear Nighthawk router to the modem and then took the Eth cable from AT&T modem-router and plugged into my router. I thought this would work seamlessly. I did not change anything else. So now it looks like, Spectrum modem -> Netgear router -> Ruckus switch. But unfortunately, this lead to APs not broadcasting my Wifi anymore, I could not connect to them. Then I connected a Eth cable to switch and checked internet connectivity with a laptop which works fine. I tried power cycle switch, router etc. I even unplugged POE cables for APs to power cycle them. None of this helped. Then after a while, I replugged my ATT router back to switch and everything started working again. I need to get rid of ATT service so I need to make this work but do not know-how. What could be done?

TDLR- changed router from ATT to Netgear, APs not broadcasting any Wifi, only internet is with ETH cable from Switch. 

New Contributor
The Power led will flash green if the AP isn't getting a DHCP address. It will go solid green once it gets the DHCP address.

New Contributor

2021 and I have this issue.  Spectrum modem, Ruckus Unleashed, and new Netgear Nighthawk.  Lost my WiFi access I had with the dual router - modem from Spectrum.   Solution?

New Contributor

I have the same issue. a r510 will nolong send out wifi with Spectrum router.