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Missing Username/password for ruckus icx 7150-12c

New Contributor

My ruckus in not working g properly 

to do factory rest I need username and password 

lennar did not leave a sticker, no boxes nothing 

is there a way to know what is my username and password 

I tried all the ones posted here none worked 

Thank you


Thank you for your guide. It works with ICX 7150-C12P and 24P

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Hi @Aljanabi ! 

Hope you are doing well ! 

To which device are you trying to get access ICX-7150 Or Access Point ( Wi-Fi configuration ) 

Please check the following guide to make sure is the right devices and the connections 

Most common Setups for Lennar homes users

Please try the most common username and passwords ( This is key sensitive so please include capital letters )  

Username:admin password: Ruckus! 

Username:admin password: Ruckus1

Username:admin password: Lennar

Username:super password: sp-admin

Admin usernames and passwords for the Ruckus Wi-Fi Access Points/Switch for Lennar home users

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

Hello Fernando, 

It is for the switch the icx 7150-12c 

None of there worked,

Hi @Aljanabi 

Thanks for the update ! 

We need physical access to the ICX-7150-Using the console connection 

Here is a short guide :

How to console in the ICX-7150-C12P

Short Guide for password recovery :

Video link as reference :

1.Start a CLI session over the serial ( console access) interface to the RUCKUS ICX device.

2-Enter OS mode. This uses a key combination and drops below the fastiron operating system

Key Combination: Ctrl+y, release, tap 'm', tap 'Enter'


4-just write reset


5-.While the system is booting, before the initial system prompt appears,
enter b to enter the boot monitor mode.

Enter 'b' to stop at boot monitor: 0

In this Part you have to press B before the counter ends

6-Enter no password. (You cannot abbreviate this command.)

ICX7650-Boot> no password
00 00 00 00
OK! Skip password check when the system is up.


7-Enter boot. This command causes the device to bypass the system password

ICX7650-Boot> boot

8-After the console prompt reappears, assign a new password.

device> enable
device# configure terminal
device(config)# username USERNAME password PASSWORD


Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

Thank you for your guide. It works with ICX 7150-C12P and 24P