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Can't find my network after completing the setup wizard

New Contributor III
After completing the Ruckus set up wizard, I finally come to the "Congratulations" screen. Once I clicked "Finish" I still cannot seem to find the network that I JUST set up. Please help!

Also in Lennar home and I have had the same issue to a T with resetting and then only one working and trying again from the beginning and then having the same issue again!

Contributor III
so right now you have only one AP plugged in right?

Correct. Only one plugged into the switch and the switch is plugged into the router via Ethernet.

Contributor III
what browser did you use to set it up on your mac?

First time was with chrome. Next time was with Chrome Canary. Both times I was able to get to the "Congratulations" page. AND both times the network did not show up on my networks.