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Absurd that I need a license to enable 2x10gb ports on the ICX switch.

New Contributor II

No idea what Lennar was thinking that homeowners have sys admin knowledge to be able to manage their home network. not to mention that the switch isn't even enabled to leverage the 10gb ports. 

Why in the world would a residential customer be expected to buy a license to use the hardware not to mention Lennar think this was a  great partnership. it took me 3 hrs to flash the firmware to the latest version just so it would be visible in the Unleashed App.  Half my neighbors just ended up unplugging it and using an Orbi because they couldn't get it to work.  


Contributor III

"Builder Quality". The license costs money. Lennar is going with what works out of the box, probably assuming most residential customers won't be using 10gb interfaces for a long time. With respect to the 'relationship' Ruckus didn't install your WiFI, Neither did Lennar, a Third-party did. Really the onus is on that entity to ensure the system is supported, up to date, and functional at more than the most basic of levels.
Best of luck to you, We're always happy to help where we can.


Hey Matt - 

Last year, we took special note of the frustration and pain some homeowners were going through. We wanted to help in the best ways we could think of, so we did a few things that might help. First, we produced quite a few videos and published them to YouTube which are specific to your home and installation. You can find that playlist here:

The one thing it won't cover, is the ICX being managed by Unleashed, as that feature wasn't available at the time we performed the recordings. So, how did we mitigate that? We started performing live streams on YouTube. Those recordings can be found here:

If you're interested in chatting more about your issues, please swing by the live stream tonight and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. The stream tonight is centered around ZoneDirector, but I'll peel off topic and talk to you about your issues at any time. I'm more than happy to help! That live stream can be found here:

Currently, we are only doing Live Streams on Wednesday's via YouTube. I'm currently doing some discovery and we might start performing one centric to the Home users on Twitch every Thursday. More to come on that, so keep an eye on the YouTube channel and our social media channels for an update on that!

We want to see you get the most out of this equipment, because it really is top of the line and will make the world of difference in your home internet use once we get you running on all cylinders. 

Hope to see you tonight and I can try to give you a hand.

Thanks, and please stay safe and healthy.