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APs wont exit Configme mode after successfully factory reset

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Got a new one for ya:

My wife is helping me install the new modem & switch the CAT cables as the modem is downstairs & the ICX unit is upstairs. She unplugs the power to the ICX unit instead of the LAN CAT & when we plug it back in the network the APs push "Ruckus Unleashed" is gone from the available devices on our own. After unplugging the POEs & resetting our phones I ran a full Configme factory resets on each of the 2 APs successfully however, after the final step of the factory reset the APs won't exit Configme mode. I can see each of them now on my phone's available networks but instead of saying "Ruckus-Unleashed" (as I left the network name) they both show "Configme...". I can't log onto either & can't figure out what's going on.


RUCKUS Team Member


You may first want to check the router if these two APs have a valid IP address. If yes, try pinging to these IP addresses from a laptop connected to the router.

After that you can try entering the APs IP address in a browser in this format - https://ipaddressofap 

Try logging in with admin/admin or super/sp-admin credentials. If you are able to access the Web page, you can configure the SSID again. If you run into any issues, please let me know.