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2nd r510 isn't connecting to the network

New Contributor
I am extremely new to networking and only following about 30% of what I read on here. I just bought a Lennar Connected home as the second owner since it was handed over by Lennar. So that means no professional support.

After reading on here and researching for days I have managed to get the set up partially working. I have a cable modem plugged into a router (both from Spectrum) plugged into a 7150 switch. Then I have two r510s plugged into the POE ports on the switch. One r510 is up and running with no issues. The second is flashing green on "PWR" and the POE port has an orange light. I have tried factory reset with no luck. I did a standard install on the r510 that is working.

Any advice would be appreciated as I have hit a wall (small words would be appreciated 🙂 )

Contributor II
Hi Michael

There are a lot of things that could be an issue, a good place to start is with the unleashed troubleshooting guide which is here

The full user manual is here

Do you know if the AP that is not working has obtained an IP address?
If it has, are you and to ping it when connected to the SSID of the AP that is working?

If the answer is "no" to either of those questions then you may have a problem with the 7150 configuration.
If the answer is "yes" to both questions then the problem is with the APs and the unleashed configuration.