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How do I move AP joined at Ruckus one to SmartZone?

New Contributor III


How do I move AP joined Ruckus one to SmartZone?

Once I did type "set acx ip 'scg ip' int AP joined at Ruckus one, it's failed joining to SZ.

In syslog into AP, I found the log.


Dec 13 02:42:17 RuckusAP daemon.err cia[1755]: _https_post:512 fail to perform SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (60). Send curl request fail, please check url and port and payload
Dec 13 02:42:17 RuckusAP daemon.err cia[1755]: check_http_status:527 Curl error: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK.


Is it different a certicate Ruckus one and SZ?

If yes, what is best action to join at sz?

When I currently did convert a firmware for standalone AP, it worked.




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Jeronimo 

When you are deleting Operational APs from Ruckus Cloud, we have an option to "Factory reset to standalone firmware". After the reset, APs will come online in their highest supported standalone code and then we can configure the SZ IP using the "set scg ip" command.

If the APs are already offline on Cloud, then we need to manually reset and upgrade them to respective standalone firmware.

Remya Murugesh
Staff Technical Support Engineer

Hi Remya.

Thanks for kindlt answer.

Ok, I got it.

I'll try to use that whenever any ap is moved from cloud to SZ or ZD.