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Upgrading the RUCKUS Unleashed R510 Access Points (APs) to a stable version for Lennar Home users to avoid any issues.



  • Product(s): RUCKUS R510 APs
  • Software / Firmware Version: (For now and subject to change after future releases)



Process of the Firmware upgrade for the RUCKUS R510 Unleashed Access Points, for Lennar Home users.

Why we may need an upgrade of the RUCKUS R510 Unleashed Access Points to a suggested version.

  • For new features resulting in better connectivity.
  • To avoid issues with logging into the RUCKUS Unleashed smartphone application. When the APs are on a older version, users may be unable to log into the smartphone application with the “you are not connected to the unleashed network. Go to settings?” message even they are connected on the required Unleashed network.
  • Some enhancements on the Internet connectivity via Access Points. Etc.,



The process explaining the Access Points Upgrade:

The recommended stable version for now is (subject to change after future releases)

There are TWO methods to upgrade the RUCKUS R510 Access Points:

1. Online upgrade: Here is a YouTube tutorial Video link explaining this process with some configurations using Unleashed Browser User Interface (GUI).

2. Local Upgrade: If Online Upgrade does not work or suggests the required upgrade version, we can upgrade the Access Points using the Local Upgrade method by downloading the Upgrade Firmware patch file and using the same to complete the upgrade process by this method.

Here is the link to download the firmware patch file and a YouTube tutorial Video link explaining the Local upgrade process.


FIGURE: Firmware Patch download details for the Local Upgrade process

Please post a query in RUCKUS Lennar Support if you need any assistance in this regard OR any other issues with the Lennar Home RUCKUS devices.

Thank you for visiting the RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

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