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SCI Setup Fields Not Shown In v1.8 Guide

New Contributor
I'm attempting to set up our RDD, slotting it in between an existing SZ
cluster and SCI. I've been following the guide and it appears to be
mostly going correctly: RDD sees most all the information from the cluster and is working on populating everything, but the SCI shows that it is only sporadically seeing the MQTT stream. It changed "Last Seen" to Less than a Minute about 15 minutes after initially setting up, but it has now passed 25 minutes.

My question rests on some fields not shown in the User Guide for 1.8. In setting up the MQTT Bridge, there is a toggle labeled "MLISA?" and a field for "JW Token". What are these options for? Might they be related to my issue with the SCI not seeing the MQTT stream?

New Contributor III
Hi JoshuaC,

You can ignore the MLISA and JWT Token fields. Regarding for SCI only seeing some of the MQTT Streams, can you answer the below questions for me in a direct email:

1. What is your RDD cluster name?

2. How many controllers are sending MQTT streams to RDD?

3. Is the System ID set on the RDD Wireless Cluster level that matches the System ID configured on each Controller?

4. Are all of the controller IP added to the RDD Wireless Controller list and group under the correct Cluster?

Best Regards,