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RDD 1.8 is now GA for new customers to download from the Ruckus Support Site!

New Contributor III
RDD 1.8 is now GA for new customers to download from the Ruckus Support Site

For existing RDD customers, there is no need to update to the new version. Over the next few weeks, the support team will automatically update registered VMs to RDD 1.8 as part of the service.

 In RDD 1.8 we have added: 

  • Monitoring capabilities for Smart Cell Insight (SCI)
  • Added Remote TAC Support for SZ, vSZ, ZD, and SCI
  • Bug fixes:
    • Foreign key auto load
    • Switch memory/cpu/disk aggregations

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Contributor III
Anyway to build in a feature so that the customer can update it themselves?

Also, 1.6 as well as 1.7 was buggy/slow, so much we uninstalled it (basically unusable). I didn't see any performance fixes in your notes, is there a roadmap to address those concerns? 

New Contributor III

Hi EightOhTwoEleven, 

As always great questions. In later releases, 2.0+, we will offer an option to upgrade on-demand. However, at the moment we are being careful with the potential load this can generate on infrastructure and there are a few feature requests ahead of this one.

 Regarding RDD VM performance in previous versions, the 1.8 release has a lot of code refactoring and optimizations. I don’t make a habit of calling that work out in announcements as it’s not a “feature” or easily seen. In 1.9 we will introduce a new MVC Framework, UI, and Case Management features. Stay tuned for more details. 

 Best Regards, 


Awesome, looks like it's well on it's way to achieving the purpose it was intended.

New Contributor
Is there an official way to request our RDD be updated? We are still showing as on 1.6.