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Get non-working web servises after deployment master node of RDD

New Contributor

Hi team!

I deployed master node of RDD, and see "RDD Web: Offline" on splash screen on console.

Also, I got HTTP 503 error code in browser.

How to debug/fix this problem?

I reboot node already - it doesn't help.



New Contributor

I use RDD-1.11.15-sp-2.0-16gbm.ova for deployment

Hi pavel_sannikov,

"RDD Web: Offline" usually mean the web server for RDD is not responding to internal request.

Try and re-provision the Node by going to "Menu (F1)" -> "(c) Reprovision".

If that does not help, please reach out to our Team at and we can help you troubleshoot further.

Hi, Team!


We try to do re-provision, but also get error

I'm not sure, what service I must use to reach ? I try to send email to but address not found

Hi pavel_sannikov, is the full email.  The # at the beginning is part of the email address as well.