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Weekly WiFi Health Report Generation

New Contributor II
Hi Team,
We are using Ruckus SZ100 with about 48 APs (R700).We have had WiFi issues in the building and we have been adjusting bss min rate/smart roam etc for optimizing. Management is asking us to to show a weekly report to show the overall wifi health every week ( good or bad based on KPI/ datas). We have SCI, syslog and smartzone where we can get lot of information separately and even generate reports based on airtime utilization or session history etc but there is no way to tell or generate report that shows WiFi health ( how much it had improved or degraded on a weekly basis). We would like your help on this or suggestion on what we can look at to present to the management.

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Now, that would be lovely

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i am sure they would not be interested in technical info which will not make sense to them.. however reading your post, i am not able to make out what they might interested to see in "WiFi health" report.. how do they define wifi health..? anyway...let me take the first stab and my generic thoughts.. am sure

AP Down - this translates into Non Availability of WiFi service & loss of productivity

Client RSSI - this translates into how good is the WiFi service availability at the user level.. you need to set a benchmark which you consider is good in the very beginning so you know that users falling under that benchmark needs attention in someway like adding news AP's or re-placement of AP location etc..

Airtime utilization - this would tell about into AP with higher load and potential interference

WiFi tickets @ help desk - if above all is gud then less tickets shall get opened. May be at a later stage, user satisfaction surveys..