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Scheduling Does Not Work, Creating Several Problems

New Contributor III
I’m using the android app – “Ruckus Cloud” (non-beta version) to set the schedule for our public vlan.

Two Issues:

1. No matter how I drag the bar to schedule opperational time, it disables that SSID.
a) Example: “Highlight” 2-4pm in blue – Save Config – No SSID
b) Example: “Highlight” 5-6pm only in blue – Save Config -SSID also turns off.
2. I tried using a template you have in the app – 8am – midnight every day – Save Config – No SSID
3. Here’s another bug that goes along with it: I set it back to Wi-Fi Always On and it comes back... BUT.... The SSID is changed to the name of the network I changed the schedule on.
a) Example: Network Name: LPLN Network Public
SSID: Library
After turning on and off schedule, the SSID changes from “Library” to “LPLN Network Public” and broadcasts it.

I also found out I had to change the lockout period from the default 4 hours to 0 hours to allow patrons back on. They were locked out after I changed the SSID back and re-enabled it by canceling the schedule.

One error: Your free 1 day session has expired. If you would like to reconnect now, please reach out to administrator and mention your ID: 047

I Renewed My Wifi (button)

Please join after 3 hours and 56 minutes to get access again.

The second error was the same, except for the ID was 777

Is these known issues?

New Contributor
I am not able to connect. What could be the issue?

New Contributor III
They corrected this in a prior update.  All is well.

New Contributor III
The Ruckus Cloud App has undergone changes with the necessary updates/patches since then and Scheduling is not an issue.
The feature/settings work as expected.