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Ruckus cloud APs PoE error

New Contributor

Every Night at 2000 hours all of the APs show a PoE error in analytics. When I look at the Ap's events, there are not errors matching the time stamp. 

P3 infrastructure (PoE) may 15 2023 20:00


It shows the same error per each AP. Any idea?




Internal Employee

Hi @caliparcerito,

Thank you for reaching out to us via this FORUM.

Help us with following information:

- Is AP managed by Cloud/SZ/ZD?

- Screenshot of error & "show power-mode" CLI  output from APs along with "show boarddata"

- Is it a new deployment? Since when you started noticing this error? 

- Are we using PoE injector? if no then, did we check if POE switch has enough power for APs (PDs)?

- Are these APs connected to same switch or spread across different switches?

- Did we check for any power related issues on site?



Vasanth Edward