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Ruckus Unleashed/Cloud Wi-Fi Network Setup - Details

I have being using Ruckus with SCG, vSZ etc.
Now for a new customer deployment, I am just thinking whether we can use Ruckus Unleashed/Cloud Wi-Fi since customer doesn't want to invest in a in-house SCG kind of a setup. Setup will be multiple sites with each having 4-5 APs. 
1.) Can we use external captive portal and  redirect user auth request from AP to captive portal assuming captive portal in the internet and AP traffic will be local breakout. 

2.) Can we use centralized AAA for all the sites deployed in the setup. Again assuming AP to AAA reachability through internet path.  

3.)  Can we have single super admin from internet side to access each master AP of the unleashed setups to control and deploy new services OR admin should sit locally per site? 

4.) Does RADIUS accounting support included in the Unleashed road map? 

5.) Can user roam between APs within the setup without re-auth? 

Just to get an idea, what would be cost efficient- Cloud wifi or Unleashed ? 

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I could share my experience in a few points:

3)In unleashed mode you always have to be in site, but you can use a vpn or a port forwarding depending on your resources.

5) Users can do roaming authenticating once in unleashed mode.

I think unleashed would be the cost efficient option if you have a few APs, but if you want aditional features you should have an UTM.

Hi Roberto, 
Thanks for the response .

Hi Can I expect Unleashed multi-site manager to cater my requirement? Anyone with experience on Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager


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Unleashed Multi-Site Manager (UMM) will allow you to manage all the Unleashed APs / networks from a central location as long as UMM can reach Unleashed network(s). Here are answers to your questions from Unleashed point of view.

1. Yes, users can be redirected to captive portal for initial authentication. After successful authentication, users data traffic will go directly to intended destination - aka Local Break Out (LBO).

2. Yes, you could have a centralized AAA and get users authenticated by this AAA - assuming (as you said) those AAA servers are reachable from each Unleashed network.

3. Using UMM, you can get into any Unleashed network that is managed by UMM as UMM supports Single Sign-On. Pl make sure UMM, Unleashed networks, and the client device from which you are accessing are IP reachable. UMM will allow you to monitor, manage, and make config changes by getting into Unleashed Master from a central location.

4. Radius Accounting is already supported - starting version 200.5 (released couple of weeks back).

5. Yes, L2 roaming is supported within each Unleashed network. 

As far as cost is concerned it depends on how you compare Ruckus Unleashed and Ruckus Cloud WiFi. 

Should you have more questions regarding Unleashed or UMM please feel free to reach me at ''.

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