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Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Maintenance Notification - 17.01.B

Esteemed Contributor II
Dear Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Admins:


The EMEA 17.01.B maintenance update is scheduled for July 18th, 2017 at 9pm PDT 

till July 19th 2017, 5am PDT.


Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi 2017.01 BOM#40 introduces the several improvements and enhancements:

Resolved Issues:

    Initial login and dashboard load time was slow

    License related issues

        - Expiry and renewal email notifications were sent wrongly for some customers

        - unable to add AP due to license discrepancy

    Client OS type and hostname were not shown in certain pages

    Sometimes unable to save manual RF configurations for 5GHz band

    Trial customer converting to paying status sometimes cannot access the dashboard (or sees a blank pagge), even though Wi-Fi is operating correctly

    If a captive portal-based SSID had a non-standard UTF-8 character, the network configuration could not be completed

    For venues with the R310 AP, (which has a limit of 8 WLANs), WLAN restriction enforcement had issues (see below for additional consideration).

    Placing APs on floor plan had issues in some browser types

    Mobile app network configuration issues for some guest WLAN configurations

    Moving an AP from one venue to another lost the AP’s custom RF settings

    The AP’s custom RF configuration in 5GHz used to show an error message, if only one channel was selected

    Social login URL redirect had some issues in some cases

    Event times were off by an hour for some venues

New Features/Improvements

    Configuring the onboarding WLAN for Cloudpath Network, now user can add a VLAN of their choice (previously was set to management VLAN only)

    Event logs searches have improved and also additional details added to event logs

    Time zone selection list is now ordered

Key Consideration Going Forward

    For a better Wi-Fi experience overall, we are restricting total advertised WLANs (actually serviced by the APs) in any venue to 7 maximum. Our recommendation is to advertise no more than three WLANs in any venue. This new restriction provides APs with more time to service Wi-Fi clients than engaging in airtime-consuming management frames. Customer can still create as many WLANs (networks) as they prefer, just like before. The only condition is when enabling the WLAN in a venue, system will check the total WLANs advertised and will restrict that number to 7.

End-User Impact

During the upgrade process, connected clients will not experience any service disruption.

Network Administrator Impact:

Administrators CANNOT perform the following functions during the maintenance window:

·         Login to Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Admin Portal


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Thank you for being a member of the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi team.


Kind Regards,


Ruckus Support