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Other Settings for R720 in Cloud Management?

New Contributor
I am setting up a couple R720 APs for a client that is using them for a Listen Everywhere assisted listening system.  The AP's are setup using the Cloud Wi-Fi system.  The system is having issues with audio dropouts.  The manufacturer is helping to troubleshoot and is asking about different settings which I do not see available in the cloud.  Some settings seem to be available in the CLI, but as I read that is disabled when connected to Cloud Wi-Fi.  Is this correct?  Is there access to more settings via the Cloud Wi-Fi other than what is easily accessed via the menus?  (Am I missing an advanced area?)  I'm looking for IGMP, QoS, WMM or other settings that might be causing issues or that could help alleviate the issues.

Thanks for the help.

New Contributor
Hi Matt,

We don't show all the settings that we use as defaults on the Ruckus Cloud WiFi. I found you in our database. I will contact you offline to get the full list of the settings. that way I can tell you what the defaults are set to. If these are not the best settings for voice we could create a feature request to get them added to the Ruckus Cloud WiFi.



Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Matt,

Listen Everywhere uses mDNS to for device discovery, hence one of the settings which you should consider to play with is 'Directed MC/BC Threshold' under WLAN's advanced settings.

Set this value to '0'. When set to '0', this basically stops Ruckus APs to convert MB/BC to unicast for specific WLAN.

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Apart from this, if the Listen Everywhere server and clients are connecting to two different VLANs/network, then you have to configure bonjour gateway, because mDNS is layer-2 protocol, which means it will be limited to single broadcast domain, until you configure a gateway (bonjour gateway) between source to destination VLANs.

There is an article as well for our vSZ solution which explains setting-up Listen Everywhere bonjour gateway, you may refer it for more details.

I hope this will solve your problem.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer
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