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No transmit power adjustment noted since Ruckus Cloud upgrade

New Contributor

I have 4 Ruckus R850 AP's in my house, with all managed by the Ruckus Cloud controller.

It underwent an upgrade to a new version this past weekend.  The AP's now are on firmware version with the new cloud version.

Things are working OK, but I noticed that since the upgrade nearly 2 days ago, the transmit power has been on 100% for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for all AP's.  Prior to that, it was common for the 2.4GHz radios to be decreased to -3 or -6dB, particularly in the two locations that have a smaller service area. 

I confirmed that the Venue WiFi settings is still "Auto" for transmit power adjustment for both frequency bands. 

The WiFi performance overall subjectively seems fine, but I was just wondering why the change in behavior.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @mphelpsmd


Could you please report a case with Ruckus Support, we would need to validate the Tx power from AP shell to confirm Tx power Auto throttle is working as expected. If it does and doesn't reflect in Cloud portal, it could be cosmetic glitch.