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Migration ZD to Cloud

New Contributor III
We are thinking about migrating from two ZD3000 to Cloud Controller.
We cannot find an migration document yet, is there one available?
Do we have to update the firmware of our existing APs manually or is there a smooth way to do this?
Does anyone have experience how the migration worked for him?
We have R500 and T300 APs on multiple sites.
Thanks for your answers.

Valued Contributor

We have some collateral to help you plan a ZD to Ruckus Cloud migration.  The first thing to check is whether your APs are compatible.

I hope the resources below are useful:
Cloud APs run SmartZone firmware, so there will be a re-flash of firmware to the APs at some point in the process.

Best regards,

Hi BBI, 
It is a good plan to consolidate your sites into a single dashboard and Ruckus Cloud would be able to do that for you. Good news is the APs you have are supported in Ruckus Cloud today. Full supported AP list is here.  

Can you send us an email to We will have the right folks to get you some options for migration. Long-term, we are definitely looking at the "easy" button. 


Esteemed Contributor II

How to migrate from ZD to Ruckus Cloud?


Basic Recipe for migration 

Step1: First thing to check is if customers access points are supported in Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi. Fortunately it is a simple task. Take a look here fo rall APs supported by Ruckus Cloud.

Step 2: If APs are supported, prepare a list of AP serial numbers.

Step 3: Create a Cloud account for customer.

Step 4: Import APs to Ruckus Cloud.

Step 5: Use migrate option in ZD to point APs to Ruckus Cloud.

Step 6: Verify that APs are in Cloud.

Step 7: Complete configuration. This can happen any time after step 2.

New Contributor III
Thanks for your answer!
Everything is clear to me instead of Step 5, which migrate option do you mean?