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Managed Service Portal

New Contributor II
The organization I work for supports lots of different network infrastructure.  With a steady move to cloud based solutions I wanted to know if Ruckus offer a MSP (managed service portal)?  In essence the management of multiple third party Wi-Fi networks from one single login.

We have a Meraki MSP portal setup for the customers we support and it works well as access can be set per network etc.

Does anyone have any info if there is a similar offering from Ruckus at all?



Valued Contributor
Good morning Phil,

I'm pleased to confirm Ruckus Cloud does have MSP functionality.

Ruckus has a partner MSP specialisation, which unlocks specific features and benefits aimed at MSP partners.

Are you an existing Ruckus partner? If so then please contact your Ruckus Partner Account Manager.  If not and you are interested in becoming a Ruckus MSP, please let me know what country you are in and I'll find out who you need to contact for futher information.

Best regards,

To add a bit more information, all existing Ruckus Partners can login to Ruckus Cloud ( and will be presented a "VAR" portal, today. No licenses required to get to that page. In order to get access as a Ruckus Cloud MSP partner, do reach out to your Ruckus PAM as suggested by Darrel, so they can get you started with some TEMP licenses so you can play with the new Cloud MSP features like creating customer accounts, distributing licenses, creating admins, customizing the portal that they see etc.


Hi Darrel - I'm based in the UK.  

Any further details (including additional license costs) would be appreciated.



Hi Phil,
Can you email me when you get a moment? We can work this together with the right PAM in your region. I am in the HQ.