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How to delete AP in the latest ruckus cloud web?

New Contributor
I am a ruckus cloud trial user and my trial account has expired,I found that ruckus cloud had been upgraded, but my AP 310 could not be removed from the ruckus cloud web, the AP 310 could not  online

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Jock,

   I lost your message towards the end...  You need to delete your AP under the Cloud, for it's serial number to be freed, allowing you to re-flash the firmware and use for Standalone or Unleashed, or controller-managed, etc.  If you can't access your Cloud account anymore, open a ticket with Support and provide your AP serial number.  They can also remove it from the AP Registrar that points it to the Cloud (after each reboot it will check, if you have Internet access).

- Michael

New Contributor III

Reset the AP and you will be able to access the AP UI. Update the FW to standalone or Unleashed as required. Deleting the AP from Ruckus Cloud would have cleared any SZ controller entries in the AP. In your case however, if you want to use it with your SmartZone controller, you can use the AP CLI to program the SZ IP address.