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Does cloud Wifi support supports Authetication Account server

New Contributor II
We are moving to cloud controller from the ZD. We are using the AAA feature with the internal database to add the users . 

we would  like to know if the cloud controller offers a similar functionality or if there is solution that you recommend 

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Su-Zette,

Thanks for reaching out to the Ruckus team. I am a product manager in Ruckus Cloud product team. Ruckus Cloud supports 802.1X authentication where you can use your own AAA server for authentication and accounting purposes. You can add primary and secondary servers.

Also you can supply dynamic VLANs for the users connecting to the WLAN. Let me know if you have further questions. Happy to help.


New Contributor II
Can I still use the ZD as the AAA server ?  if so can you provide and documentation for us to review?

Thank you

The ZD is the NAS, in AAA/RADIUS.  Local DB doesn't perform AAA functions.

Hi  Michael

Thank you for the response. Is there a way to use the local databse of the ZD with the cloud controller?

Thank you