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How to become a provider on Ruckus Cloud?

New Contributor II
We are a hotspot service same as purple and we would like to use Ruckus Cloud with our application. We were trying to test with the trial license but it's not possible to edit the RADIUS Server IP. How can we be able to edit this fields?

New Contributor III
I'm sure we'll be able to help with your question.
We were the first reseller in Brazil to sell the solution with Ruckus Cloud.

Please contact us by email at

Hi there, Please email and we will get you tested on an Alpha cloud server for your hotspot service and then you can be listed as an approved hotspot provider. Due to nature of Cloud, we have a secure API set for interaction between your WISPr service and our cloud controllers. Hence, the need to vet the solution, test with Alpha before pushing the udpates to the production. Please email with the above info. 

After production push, I am sure Ricardo will be more than happy to get your solution to market :).


New Contributor
Hi there, I am interested to know more about the Ruckus Cloud as I have learnt from my research that the services provided here are extremely good. At present I am using the cloud services, of RackWare and the results there are also good. My fiancee is interested in using the Ruckus Cloud. Please let me know more about it here.