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Facebook check in (business localization)

New Contributor
My costumer has some R310 and R510, management by Ruckus Cloud, and I need config to when customers do facebook check in to use your Wi-Fi, their friends can discover your business.
ps.. the support team dont asnwer my question for almost 1 month!!


Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Ronaldo,

   I finally heard back from our Cloud Team Manager who says FB check-in is not supported now,
nor will it be supported in the Alto (SZ 5.2 based) Cloud Wi-Fi either.  We offer a FB Social Login
instead of FB Wi-Fi in which the captive portal is hosted by FB itself.  A feature request is being
submitted, but no ETA can be predicted at this time.  With best regards.

Hi Brado, 

Any update about Facebook Wifi function on SZ firmware or Ruckus Cloud?

New Contributor III
I did a dozen or so ZoneDirectors with Facebook Wifi. That novelty wore off quick... The bars/restaurants all asked me to remove it in favor of sending the customer to their webpage.

Too many complaints and the bartenders got sick of being IT support.