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Does Ruckus Cloud supports REST API?

New Contributor
I'm looking into the alternative for our existing customer, who is using Cisco Meraki. And one of the use case requires user creation via RESTful API. Is there any programmable way to accomplish that?

Just wonderinf whether this is still working for you. When I use the DPSK API, I get a 404 error. I have most of the other API's working. Just can't get the DPSK to work. Seems like it isn't set up on the Server end.

DPSK is working but it is not documented very well :-D. You also can use the web developer tool and see which api request the ui from Ruckus cloud is using

if you need help send me an email on

Hi Jonas!

Just wanted to say thank you.

It seems I wasn't thorough enough as I completely missed the "-passphrase" in the Web developer tool. I spotted it this time after you mentioned it. And yeah, their documentation could use a little help, lol.

Just for anyone interested. I'm using this API with Google Apps Script.
I'm grabbing the Session User to look up who the person making a request is. Basically, they click a button and it checks to see if that person already has a key and displays it. If they don't, it creates one, and then displays it.